Simple to Complex, Resi or Commercial, Digital Projection’s Product Line and Expert Design and Installation Service Covers It All

Oct 30, 2023 | Industry News


Simple to Complex, Resi or Commercial, Digital Projection’s Product Line and Expert Design and Installation Service Covers It All

Digital Projection has been continually growing and advancing its product line for over 25 years, resulting in one of the most comprehensive ranges of professional projection and LED displays in the industry. But we’re not stopping here. We keep a constant pulse of the market conditions and emerging technologies to evolve our projection and LED display solutions so they’re always fresh, relevant, and satisfy customer needs. The future looks bright for Digital Projection in 2024! In the meantime, here’s a look at our current lineup. Whether you’re new to Digital Projection or could use a refresher on the breadth of our products, this breakdown illustrates our expertise in both LED and projection and our commitment to providing our dealers with the best solution for every project.

Premium Projectors

Every projector in our lineup employs Texas Instruments’ acclaimed DLP technology. This ensures our dealers of quality across the board, whether they’re specifying a single entry-level projector for a residence or a suite of high-end units for a massive commercial project. From our starter 3,800-lumen E-Vision series to the premium 40,000-lumen INSIGHT series, there’s a model for every application—all with pristine, accurate color reproduction.

E-Vision Single-Chip Laser Projectors

Our entry-level single-chip DLP projector is the E-Vision. It incorporates a .67” DMD from Texas Instruments, lending a smaller lens and chassis for applications requiring a compact form factor and up to 15,000 lumens of brightness. E-Vision projectors are available in 4K-UHD and WUXGA resolutions.

M-Vision Single-Chip Laser Projectors

Better and brighter, thanks to a .96” DMD and larger lens, is our M-Vision single-chip DLP projector. M-Vision projectors are available in WUXGA resolution with up to 27,000 lumens.

TITAN 3-Chip Laser Projectors

The launch of our TITAN 3-chip DLP projectors 25 years ago established Digital Projection as a leader in DLP technology. Since then, the legendary performance of the TITAN has continued to evolve, and today features a .96” Texas Instruments DMD and stunning 47,000-lumen output. The high-performance chassis of the TITAN can be configured to optimize brightness, color, and contrast depending on lensing and utilization of a red laser for increased color gamut. TITAN projectors are available in WUXGA and 4K-UHD resolutions.

HIGHlite, TITAN, and INSIGHT Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS)

We recognized the growing need for a high-performance projector that could fit into tight spaces and answered with the creation of a completely new projector design. By separating the projector head from the RGB illumination source, the 3-chip DLP projectors in the Satellite MLS line go where other projectors can’t. The light source can be hidden from sight, resulting in a smaller, quieter solution and endless installation possibilities. The Satellite MLS line comes in three flavors: The HIGHlite has the smallest projector head and outputs a maximum of 20,000 lumens, the TITAN has a slightly larger lens and light source with a light output of 30,000 lumens and the ultimate INSIGHT boasts Native 4K-UHD and 8K-UHD resolutions and up to 40,000 lumens of brightness.

Direct View LED Displays 

Complementing Digital Projection’s diverse projector line is our Radiance direct view LED series. Comprising six different models, this variety, coupled with exceptional imaging performance and unrivaled service and support, gives us and our dealers an edge in the emerging dvLED market.

Performance Series

The workhorse of the Radiance line is the Performance Series indoor LED display. It achieves brightness up to 1,500 nits and .7 – 2.5mm pixel pitch (that’s the distance in mm between each adjacent pixel). The tiles can be mounted in a variety of formats to create unique displays or aspect ratios for creative indoor applications.

EV Micro LED Series 

Our most recent introduction to the market is the EV Micro LED Series, available at 0.9 and 1.2mm pixel pitch. With enhanced contrast, black level and brightness up to 1,200 nits, these new efficient and robust LED panels are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

VX Series 

The VX Series provides excellent value for more cost-conscious applications while still delivering high performance. These products produce up to 600 nits brightness and are available in pixel pitches from .9 – 2.5 mm.

Studio Series 

For the ultimate color performance, the Radiance Studio Series LED panels are the choice for studio production and broadcast applications. The panels combine with a controller to enable customized, precise calibration to achieve specific color gamut settings, whether for a studio setting with studio lighting or a post-production facility meeting Cinema standards. The Studio Series is the ultimate in color performance, produces 1,500 nits brightness and comes in pixel pitches from 1.9 – 2.5 mm.

Outdoor Series 

When your application takes you outside, we have you covered with our Outdoor Series Radiance direct view LED display. 10,000 nits of brightness ensures images are crisp and vibrant even in the middle of the day! Fully protected from rain, the Outdoor Radiance Series comes in pixel pitches of 1.5 up to 10mm for long-range outdoor viewing.

RCS Series 

For specialty applications like suspended walls or hanging walls, Digital Projection offers its RCS Series Radiance LED video walls.

Despite our impressive range of high-performance projectors and LED displays, we’ve learned that success hinges not just on building great products but also solving our customers’ display challenges. We pride ourselves in understanding display technology and providing the right solution for virtually any application. Our expert application engineers capitalize on years of experience to assist you with your current and future projects.



Ready to mix it up in your demo room? Give these semi-scary Halloween flicks a test drive. All but the last are family friendly. Senior Sales Executive George Walter recommended these. What are some of your favorite spooky movies?

  1. Monster House. The animation is very clean. The movie has a special way of creating an immersive feeling.
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Video Wall Calibration—The Experts at Digital Projection Ensure Peak LED Performance

Calibration is a necessary part of any high-quality projection system. Digital Projection has been providing this valuable service to integrators for more than two decades, both at the factory and in the field. “Our internal team of calibration specialists are highly trained and have years of experience under their belts to fine-tune our projectors to exact customer specifications,” says DP Senior Executive George Walter.

Integrators can draw from this same level of calibration excellence as they build their LED business—and it’s just as important! Here’s why: While it’s fairly standard for LED modules to auto-calibrate when they’re connected at the jobsite, this doesn’t account for specific customer expectations or the surrounding environment. That’s why Digital Projection goes a step further by offering its dealers on-site calibration using exclusive tools and techniques to adjust the color, contrast, and other performance aspects precisely for the specific application. “The finetuning we did to the LED video wall at All Systems Go is a prime example of how our expert on-site calibration service can take a great LED wall installation from great to perfect,” Walter says.

    CASE STUDY Radiance LED VX Series


    Fierce Gaming Competition Hits Center Stage on Massive Digital Projection LED Video Wall at Cutting-Edge eSports Lounge

    There’s a reason GG Circuit has ranked All Systems Go as one of the 22 best esports arenas in America. The leading provider of esports software, service and support lauded the state-of-the-art public gaming venue, which opened in 2020, for its unique and vibrant atmosphere merging world-class gaming with a nightclub, sports bar, cocktail lounge, and espresso and coffee bar. The owners of All Systems Go envisioned the new facility as more of a social gathering spot than purely a gaming center and recognized the need for a good dose of cutting-edge technology to help tie it all together.

    A crucial element of the tech integration in the versatile entertainment venue is a massive LED video wall from Digital Projection. The 20-by-8-foot VX-G Radiance Series LED display stands front and center in the 6,200-square-foot, all-inclusive facility.

    Designed, configured and installed by DNR Laboratories, Worcester, Mass., the 2.5mm pixel pitch video wall displays as many as 30 windows of gaming action direct from the 50-plus PCs in the esports area, plus food and drink specials, gaming scores and schedules, live and streaming musical performances, watch parties, zoom sessions for private corporate retreats, and more. “It’s the visual centerpiece that binds all the elements of this one-of-a-kind entertainment venue together,” says Don Gamsjager CEO and founder of DNR Laboratories. “They intended to use the display all day, every day, to keep visitors engaged and entertained no matter if they’re a casual and hardcore gamer, dining alone or meeting friends for happy hour.” Needless to say, consistency and reliability were paramount.

    There were plenty of performance aspects that gave the Radiance LED video wall an edge over its competition. Low latency is an absolute must for a high-caliber esports venue; the Radiance dominates in this category with a 3900 refresh rate, according to Gamsjager. Color accuracy and vibrancy were other winning attributes of the Radiance video wall, enhanced further through pixel-level calibration performed in the field by Digital Projection technicians. Most LED manufacturers calibrate their LED panels at the factory, says Gamsjager. Digital Projection does, too, but goes a step further by calibrating the display at the jobsite (see above for more information about Digital Projection’s next-level calibration service). “A differentiator and a game-changer, we were able to bring the image quality to near perfection,” he remarks.