New Qt X Update Now Available

Aug 30, 2023 | Industry News


New Qt X Update Now Available

Introducing new firmware, available for download today, that enables NPX paging station configuration in the Qt X software application, making it easy and convenient to add paging to a Qt X sound masking solution. All NPX models feature both AVB and Dante interfaces, making them compatible with AVB or Dante-configured Qt X systems.

The Qt X 2.2.0 release delivers new features and updates including but not limited to:

  • Simple network connection to Qt X 
  • Onboard EQ for each microphone
  • Up to 999 paging codes:
    • Each can be configured to page to any Qt X zone
    • Matches Qt X virtual zoning capability
  • Rich feedback on NPX paging station:
    • Up to 10 stored messages per paging station o Zone busy notification 
    • Stored message playback active 
    • Microphone level meter

The article “NPX paging integration with Qt X controllers” explains how to manage and configure an NPX device and to build a paging system within a Qt X design.

NPX requires firmware 1.2.0 or newer to use Qt X.

Click the links below to read the full release notes and download NPX and Qt X software and firmware.