New Options and Certifications Now Available For Desono DX-S5 and S8

Oct 29, 2023 | Industry News


New Options and Certifications Now Available For Desono DX-S5 and S8

Two recent milestones have made our best-selling Desono DX-S5 and DX-S8 surface-mount loudspeakers even more flexible.

U-bracket option

Until now the DX-S5 and DX-S8 loudspeakers have only shipped with the ClickMount bracket, but now they can be ordered with either U-brackets or ClickMounts — at no additional cost. The added convenience provided by the U-bracket option is something no other loudspeaker manufacturer offers and gives integrators more mounting flexibility, making our DX-S5 and DX-S8 loudspeakers easier to install and more affordable than competitors’ comparable offerings. This new offering also means less waste and more convenience thanks to installers no longer having to dispose of unneeded ClickMount brackets. When ordering, buyers can choose either the DX-S5-UB and DX-S8-UB versions that ship with the U-bracket (which also includes the convenient ClickPlug) or the version that includes a ClickMount bracket.

UL 1480A certification

The UL 1480A certification permits the DX-S5 and DX-S8 loudspeakers to be used in code-required commercial and professional applications, giving contractors a high-quality option without the expense and hassle of filing for a code variance.

All models of the Desono DX-S5 and DX-S8 are now shipping. Contact Biamp Sales to get your order in today!