New NPX Update Now Available – Enhanced Compatibility with Qt X

Feb 16, 2024 | Industry News


Introducing Our New Constant Beamwidth Loudspeaker Series

We’re thrilled to announce a set of powerful new enhancements to our NPX network paging stations that will elevate your experience and expand your control possibilities. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Logic Pages: The ability to trigger NPX pages with logical inputs in Qt X.
  2. Scheduled Pages: Automate your page flows with our new Scheduled Pages. Set your pages to play back on a custom timetable, perfect for daily routines and timed announcements.
  3. Enhanced 10 Button Stations: When used with Qt X, your 10-button NPX stations now have a “Button Mode.” This allows you to assign up to 10 page codes for immediate access, similar to the ease of use you enjoy with the 4-button station. While the system retains the capability to hold up to 999 page codes, Button Mode focuses on quick access to your 10 most essential pages.
  4. Output Fault Monitoring: For Qt X 300 and 600 models using passive Qt emitters, we’ve introduced monitoring for open circuits, shorts, and impedance fluctuations, ensuring your system’s reliability and performance.

Embrace these new features to make your NPX system more intuitive and responsive than ever.