Introducing Our New Constant Beamwidth Loudspeaker Series

Feb 15, 2024 | Industry News


Introducing Our New Constant Beamwidth Loudspeaker Series

We are happy to welcome the newest addition to our portfolio – the Constant Beamwidth Loudspeaker (CBL) series (formally, the CDD series*), which consists of two models: the CBL523 and the CBL528.

The CBL523 and CBL528 are ideal for permanent installations in venues like fitness centers, conference halls, theaters and Houses of Worship. Their compact design ensures a seamless integration with our PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers.

Both models are now available in black or white variants.

*In terms of specifications and performance, nothing has changed. For the Americas, this is simply a name/branding change in order to unify the lineup globally.

Phase 1 – Product Documents and Images for CBL523 and CBL528

We’ve created a set of product images that you can find in our online media library. I suggest updating your Blaze Audio brand page by incorporating the latest product images featuring the updated CBL series branding. All images have been updated to feature what the user experiences out of the box including detailed accuracy of all components.

You can access all product documents (Installation Guide and Data Sheet) for the CBL series via link provided below.

Phase 2 – Creative Assets for CBL523 and CBL528

The creative assets for the CBL series will be available in the near future. These would include any custom assets we create in order to support sales and communication of the new series update.