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Dec 6, 2023 | Industry News


All Parlé Conferencing Bars Now Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms

This new 1.35.1 release of Project Designer further optimizes the Apprimo Touch 8i firmware for improved performance with Tesira products and Impera Tango controllers. For the latest capabilities and best performance of your control systems, be sure to keep your Project Designer software up to date.

Make sure you’re using version 1.35 or newer to enable integrated room control with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms UCCs.

With Impera and Project Designer, adding room controls to Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms is easier than ever. More details about adding Impera room control to your Microsoft Teams Room UCC can be found in this article. If your project involves Zoom Rooms UCCs, you can find integration instructions here.

This latest Project Designer release also adds or enhances features across the control product family. Download Project Designer 1.35.1 today.