Commercial DC220T and CM10TB Loudspeakers — NOW SHIPPING

Jul 10, 2023 | Industry News


Commercial DC220T and CM10TB Loudspeakers

Engineered for exceptional performance when paired with Vocia voice communication systems, our new commercial ceiling loudspeakers deliver unmatched simplicity for significant installation cost savings and crystal-clear voice intelligibility—a critical requirement for any speech reinforcement application. Both the DC220T and CM10TB offer the flexibility of low impedance or 70 V/100 V operation and the high sensitivity usually expected only in larger 8-inch models. Both are UL1480A and UL2043 certified.


DC220T Drop Ceiling Loudspeaker

Biamp’s fastest installing ceiling speaker, the DC220T is a drop-ceiling loudspeaker with a 6.5-inch full-range driver that delivers impressive audio performance while delivering a dispersion pattern 20% wider than competitors.

CM10TB Back Can Loudspeaker

The lowest cost back can speaker in Biamp’s lineup, the CM10TB’s preassembled back can construction allows it to be easily mounted on ceiling tiles or drywall ceilings. It delivers excellent sonic qualities while its wide, uniform coverage surpasses that of competitors.

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