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Utelogy Product Overview - Software-defined AV Explained
Utelogy is software-defined AV, a software only platform for controlling, monitoring, and maintaining your technology environments for higher education, enterprises, and emergency operations centers.
Infographics | Binning
Understanding LED technology can be quite challenging. FPS Media has decided to help out by simplifying the most important stages of LED production as well as explaining how it works. Enjoy our series of infographics on LED Lighting! FPS Media would like to thank Neil Salt, Aurora's CMO for his creative input throughout this project.
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Tesira SERVERand SERVER-IO Online TrainingClockaudio Case Study - Ole Majorly Indie
Biamp is committed to the continuing education of the pro AV industry. With the addition of our Tesira SERVER and SERVER-IO course, our Tesira certification training is completely available in an online/on-demand environment.
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4K, 8K, 16K – Are You Ready for the Resolution Evolution?
As we embrace 4K resolutions, we are already hearing of 8K and even 16K displays. While some may be content with 1080P, 4K is here to stay – until the next evolution in resolution. We have all seen articles like “Is 4K Really Necessary?” speaking to the availability of 4K sources and streaming bandwidth limitations… or that 4K has limited value unless viewed at close viewing distances. There is no doubt about sources and bandwidth, but the issue of visible differences begs for a discussion of visual acuity.
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New Partnership with Distributor CAD System Brings Clockaudio to Poland
March 21, 2017 – Waterlooville, Hampshire, United Kingdom – Clockaudio, a global leader in pro-av microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia has partnered with distributor, CAD System, to bring their products and expertise to Poland.
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BG Media Solutions Inc. specializes and provides manufacturer representation for the commercial and professional market.
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